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Resources which may be of assistance to individuals facing legal challenges.

The following links and websites are provided as a service to our clients and prospective clients, and contain a variety of views, opinions, and resources which may be of assistance to individuals facing legal challenges.

Obviously, the simple fact that a link is included here does not mean that we endorse every single idea that might be present on those websites, but we have confidence that you, the reader, can evaluate the information available on your own, and we hope that what is available here may be helpful. If you would like to suggest a link to us, please contact us here.

Child Custody Evaluations and Family Law Generally

  • Family — Huge site with many links
  • Custody Evaluation — Large site with links, geared to the lay person
  • Custody 911 — Huge site, over 100 links
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers – Premier National Organization of Matrimonial Lawyers, website has extensive links and resources for all aspects of divorce and custody law
  • American Coalition for Fathers and Children – Family oriented site for those facing custody cases
  • Dr. Benjamin Garber, Ph.D – This is a great website created by Dr. Benjamin Garber, Ph.D., who is a New Hampshire Psychologist who specializes in helping families in conflict, and addressing custody issues more constructively.  He is doing significant work on the issue of Parental Alienation, and his website has many resources for parents involved in custody conflicts, or seeking a ways of co-parenting more effectively.

Father’s Rights – websites with discussion of variety of father-custody issues

PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) websites

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the name given by Dr. Richard Gardner to what is described as “a deliberate attempt by one parent to destroy the relationship and bond his or her children have with their other parent – and – it also involves the children’s active and self created participation or collaboration in the process of alienation. The PAS is a pheonomenon that occurs almost exclusively within the context of divorce.”

The symptoms, the nature of appropriate treatment for this syndrome, and even its very existence, are the subject of substantial debate within both the psychological and legal communities. The following links include general information about PAS, but generally take an aggressive view that it does exist and should be taken into account in divorce and custody cases:

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